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Odd Innovation breathes life into the quirkiest imagination. We believe that the solution to every problem, big or small, is just one innovation away. We are the experts in ideation and creation. From our experience of launching new inventions into the market, we can even bring you all the resources to do it yourself! Our team is ready to hold your hand and change your idea into your income.

Ideation & Conceptualization

Based on market feasibility, we come up with ideas that could be products of the future. If the idea proves to be sustainable, viable, and desirable, our team will take it to the next level of development.


If you have an idea, our team will guide you through the current market. We believe in transparent advice, which allows you to understand every possibility and every risk in launching your innovation.


ODD Innovation understands the importance of information. We thoroughly research every aspect of developing and launching a new product.


Our business expertise offers #itoi (idea to income) service. We offer a collaborative program designed to help new startups succeed. The sole purpose of our incubation services is to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses swiftly, safely, and securely.

our VIsion

Odd deviates from the ordinary, and we are Ordinary Deviates to Discoveries. In simple terms, we create. We innovate with an approach of design thinking and entrepreneurship. However, Odd Innovations believes in miracles, and miracles take collective effort! We aspire to more entrepreneurship across the world, which is why we aim to become the hub of boosting innovation! Odd Innovations strives to partner with budding inventors to leverage their intellectual property to beat the odds in turning their dreams into reality. Innovation is easy to find when we focus on finding solutions to the problems of today’s contemporary societies. At Odd Innovations, we focus on elevating the standards of living one idea at a time.

Odd Innovation aims to become a hub of inventors and entrepreneurs to provide a podium to showcase innovations and enterprises. We want to encourage ideation by availing a network of resources to bring every innovation to life. Our mission lies in holding the hands of the inventors through the process of commercializing their intellectual property. We aspire to motivate their work through our mentorship and experience and provide them with the necessary exposure at national and international levels to drive success.

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