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PRESS POTLI – The game changer

PRESS POTLI – The game changer


With the changing environment, the needs and desires of people have also been changing. Our focus is to make the everyday life of an individual much easier and Hassle-free and so, we focus on solving the problems that might occur in n the everyday life of an individual

In a world where first impressions are everything, physical appearance is merely a passive way of ensuring that. And neat and crisp clothing is very important. Everyone prefers clean, ironed clothes, whether they are women, men, or children.

Similarly, ironing is the most despised domestic chore in every household. This is especially true for Indians due to the variety and delicacy of our clothing. There are no quick fixes to ironing your clothes, unlike doing your laundry, which has been made easier by fully automated washing machines. And in today’s fast-paced world, few people find the time or even the ability to iron clothes.

Every individual would have fought with their Presswala at some point over the damage they had done to their precious clothes during pickup and delivery or during monsoons; if they had misplaced their clothes, or worse.

This is a frequent problem in every household, but it is still handled the old-fashioned way by draping a spare cloth available at home to make a potli. But today, Ironing bags have the same market potential as laundry bags.

According to several reports, the Indian Laundry & Ironing Industry is valued at INR 2,20,000 crores, with the organized segment accounting for only 2-3% of the total market in India.

With an increase in IT parks, institutions, and medical facilities in recent years, the hospitality and accommodation industries have seen significant growth, providing a huge opportunity for the laundry and ironing business in both the B2B and B2C segments.

ODD Innovations
ODD Innovations PRESS POTLI available in 3 colours.

Press Potli is intended for the delivery of crumple-free pressed clothes by ironing services. It is Made of Nylon, which is dust and water resistant, this bag is ideal for keeping your ironed clothes safe during pick-up deliveries in any season.

Description :

  • Washable Material of superior quality to ensure long-term and frequent use.
  • Antifungal prevents the growth of fungus, which can ruin your favorite clothes.
  • Depending upon the thickness of the fabric, it can hold up to 15 pressed clothes.
  • Has a clear sleeve for inserting the owner’s name tag.
  • When not in use, it can be folded back and completely compressed.
  • Stock resistant padding on the bottom and sides
  • Capacity to hold up to 15 litres
Belts and Buckles to keep ironed clothes sturdy and intact

The bag is made of a pleasing material and serves as an elegant storage solution for your washed and ironed clothes and helps in preventing any damage that could get the clothes soiled and spoiled

A unique but required product like Press Potli would not only make it hassle-free but would also help people understand how important it is to use the correct product as it would help them from a lot of damage that could be caused otherwise

Don’t fear, Press potli is here to protect your ironed laundry through seasons of creases, dirt, and damage.

ODD Innovations
Top view:- Closing with drawstring, conventional knots are replaced.

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