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The Dickey Organizer

The Dickey Organizer


Today, People have been fancying the word “Organizer”, as it helps make the best use of the available space. There are several sorts of organizers that one can find in the market and are all intended for a certain different purpose. Some are designed for domestic products, Personal items, Studio objects, Stationery items, and so on. Organizers are often employed to keep things clean, orderly, and arranged.

An organizer is a type of storage container with discrete sections for sorting and organizing items in that given space. We have often seen the need for an organizer when we have limited space as it helps us arrange the items without any chaos.

According to our study, individuals (mainly females) carry their valuable possessions in the dickey, such as their mobile phone, power bank, earbuds, water bottle, scooter papers, scarf, gloves, sunglasses, documents, and so on. There is a high risk of damage and the possibility of a loss of the items stored together. As a result, we saw a need to create an organizer that fits the dickey and allows all precious items to be correctly put in that organizer.

We discovered that many individuals use two-wheelers and that these two-wheeler manufacturers give storage room (dickey) to store extra items such as documents, first aid boxes, tool kits, and so on. By incorporating this, there is still some room left for utilities, but it is rather disorganized, so we came up with the concept of making a scooter dickey organizer. There will be a few sections in this organizer for the utilities that we use regularly. We tried to create various compartments for basic utilities like mobile phones, scarves, hand gloves, power banks, sunglasses, and other accessories like keys and earbuds.

The purpose of this product is to appropriately arrange items without creating any damage, to address the issue of hygiene, to Utilize the trunk’s allotted space, and to make sure that the things kept are safe and secure A product like this has never been made for a two-wheeler consumer and is one of its types. We believe in making the most out of the space we have and this is one of its types of Frugal Innovation that not only solves the problem but solves effectively and efficiently

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